Monday, September 8, 2008

Let the games begin

Not much for the parents going on. We work, we sleep, and try to keep up with the children. We have got the first 2 down, the last one we are not so good at!!
Bob has surgery on his nose this week. Hopefully he will be able to breathe easier!! So I can sleep eaiser.

I (Shana) was promoted to a new position. I am really busy trying to reset the center section with all the Christmas stuff rolling in every day. Happy Hoilday in September!! Yikes.

Tyler placed 1st in his swim meet in the IM 2.20.78, and placed 3rd in Breaststroke 1.13.56 and 2nd place in both relays!!! He was a busy little swimmer!! He is trying to keep up in all of his classes, at times that proves to be difficult , but it is trying hard. Ty has a special friend named Krissy, she is cute and nice. She plays volleyball, sporty girl.

Mitchell has started Fall ball and Flag football. Yeah, i guess. Mitch continues to work on his Scouting stuff. He really wants to go on all the Eagle outing with the big boys. Mitch is working hard to get good grades and do awesome in class. Mitch has been mowing lawns and working down at the ball fields earning extra money. Mitch just started piano and likes it ok. About as much as a boy can.

Morgan has lost both of her front teeth and she is so cute. She has swam so much at Grnadma Judys, her hair turned a lovely shade of green !! I never had to worry about that. Its been fun getting it out. Morgan continues to do well in her piano class. She brings her book to church and trys to play before Primary. she likes to read and show her teacher all the books she can read!
Hope all of your days are great! Have a happy one.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I am not so good at this blogging thing so be kind.
Tyler jsut had his wisdom teeth pulled on Friday hes looking a little chipmunkish. Tyler is close to planning his Eagle project, just needs to be more organized.
Mitchell is gearing up for fall baseball. He has really been working hard on his Scouting stuff. We are so please that he is working so hard.
Morgan is learning to play the piano and loving it mostly. She is also going to join a singing group. How much fun will that be!
The rest of us are working hard and try to stay cool.
Love to all